“We love KinderhouseLA! Our daughter has been at KinderhouseLA since she was 8 months old, and every day it is obvious how much she enjoys being there. It is so difficult to find high-quality, affordable childcare in Los Angeles—my husband and I visited well over a dozen daycares in our search—and I feel confident in saying that no place provides a more nurturing environment. Stephanie's expertise in child development has been a wonderful resource for us, too, as she's helped us navigate sleep schedules, language acquisition (in German and English!), age-appropriate activities, and toddler eating habits. I can't imagine how much harder our lives would be, as two working first-time parents with no local family, if we didn't have KinderhouseLA. We feel impossibly grateful to have our daughter under their expert and loving care.” — Ruth Evans Lane

“My son is eager go to Stephanie’s school. When I drop him off he excitedly runs to his teachers and fellow classmates and when I pick him up at the end of the day he is always in a good mood, hugging his teachers goodbye. Her school is a bright, caring, educational and creative place and every teacher is extremely supportive. It is nice being able to relax knowing that my son is respected and cared for as well as engaged in wonderful social play with the other thoughtful children. Not only does he learn a lot being at school, but it also feels as if he is a part of a family.” — Thasja Hoffmann

“My son Oliver loved KinderhouseLA from the first time he visited for a play date and with Stephanie's guidance, his transition from having a nanny to going to KH every day was unexpectedly easy. The KinderhouseLA kids are always very happy and seem to have a lot of fun. Stephanie is great in letting them learn by playing but also teaching them about boundaries. She explains everything very carefully, is loving and patient and provides a peaceful environment for the kids to flourish. It is obvious that all the kids love all of the KinderhouseLA and all the staff.” — Marie Frick

“We feel extremely fortunate to have found KinderhouseLA, which has proven an excellent daycare for our young twins and other families. Stephanie Raleigh has earned numerous certifications and is recognized both in Los Angeles and back in Germany as a leading Early Childhood Educator. Stephanie is a very engaged professional, who with her hand-picked staff, is genuinely interested in the well-being and ongoing development of every individual child under her care. Stephanie is also an excellent communicator, regularly working with children and their parents to highlight the child’s strengths and identify areas that could use more attention. Whether it is play time, creative time, learning time, exercise time, rest time or lunchtime, (or a mix thereof, of course!) Stephanie and her team approach their work with discipline, enthusiasm and compassion. Our family strongly recommends KinderhouseLA and would be happy to talk to any parents who are considering it for their little loved ones.” — Brad Eells

“When we first ventured out to find a daycare, we wanted to be sure we find one that is aligned with our own Mindful Parenting philosophy. As a parent, seeing your child go off to daycare is a daunting task, but Stephanie, Nicole and the team have made Paxton feel at home since day one and certainly have put us, the parents, at ease. Being a German speaking facility was an important factor, having a Reggio inspired facility was an added bonus, but what really convinced me was seeing all the children being genuinely happy and content. Stephanie and Nicole make a point of caring for each child based on their individual needs and treat each and everyone with respect and dignity. Their conflict solution strategy appeals to the child's mind, helping them manage their own emotions and getting through the conflict by engaging mind and reasoning. All in all, we are truly happy to be part of the Kinderhouse family!” — Zoe Ahn


“Stephanie is knowledgeable about child development and how these developmental themes are communicated through behavior. She is able to support the child’s emotional growth while helping them feel safe.” — Barbara Oelinger, M.S.W. - Director of Family Development, YWCA Santa Monica

“Stephanie is a lovely woman who brings a gently spirit and strong commitment to children. She is constantly challenging herself to work at the highest level possible.” — Becky Zlotoff - California Mentor Teacher, Branches Atelier, Santa Monica

“Stephanie is a passionate life-long learner that actively seeks to make connections between dialogue, theory, and her teaching experience in the field of Early Childhood.” — Su Livingston, M.A. - Early Childhood Department, Santa Monica College

“Stephanie Raleigh is an advocate for Early Childhood Education.” — David Phillips, Ph.D. - Professor, Psychology, Santa Monica College